The Po Delta is the result of the action of the river, which has gradually sedimented at the mouth over the centuries, leading to the progressive advancement of the coastline and creating a complex lagoon system with a rich ecosystem comprising abundant species.

The “Po Delta Biosphere Reserve” is a paradise for birds, fish and molluscs, but also for human activities that have distinguished the Delta’s landscape, its traditions and development. Indeed, a vital objective of the management institutions involved in the Biosphere Reserve is the long-term conservation of coastal lagoon ecosystems and their biodiversity.

To survive, these ecosystems need essential hydraulic circulation to prevent the eutrophication of the lagoon waters due to the accumulation and breakdown of underwater vegetation, which can lead to anoxic events.

The approach in progress is an integrated coastal zone management approach, developed through a LIFE+ named AGREE.
The project is based on an ecosystem and functional approach aimed at the conservation of habitats and species of importance to the community and to the adaptation at the natural dynamicity of the Po delta.

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