A large part of the Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve extends over the only Slovenian national park (Triglav National Park is the core zone). Strict nature protection regulations contribute positively to the general state of water.

Due to the abundance of high-quality water, people living and working in the area have often taken it for granted and this is probably the reason for the lack of any major action concerning water protection in the past.

Nevertheless, some important actions focusing on water conservation will take place in the near future – the main ones are encompassed in the VrH Julijcev project.

Some actions have been planned for mountain lakes, one of which is the eradication of nonnative fish from high mountain lakes, which will lead to the restoration of the original state and improve the water ecosystem.

Another action includes providing a reasonable solution for waste water treatment in a specific mountain hut, which currently contaminates water in the nearby lake.

We also plan on re-establishing traditional ways of providing water supplies to some of the mountain pastures that are still used by local alpine farmers. With various other projects, we aim to raise public awareness of water protection.

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